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Welcome to Franklin Preschool’s Fundscrip Fundraising page! Where you can purchase gift cards for everyday purchases and holiday gifts from a wide array of retail categories while supporting the preschool, win win!

Gift cards are available from retail categories such as groceries, gas, home improvement, department stores, restaurants, coffee shops, clothing stores
and many more. The gift cards themselves come from some of Canada's largest retailers. They are sold at face value, but earn rebates ranging from 2%- 10% of the purchase price of the cards. This is our fundraising portion.

Since Franklin preschool is a non-profit organization and is run by a volunteer parent board, family involvement and fundraising are essential elements that keeps the preschool operating. In addition to this, we are also reliant on funds raised from tuition fees, government funding and grants.

In order to help support the preschool, any funds raised from your Fundscrip purchase will go towards the ‘Wish List’ that has been put together by the teachers, please see below.

Thank you for your support!
- Franklin Preschool Board

WISH LIST ITEMS (to be purchased new):

Wooden Tables

Cozy Corner: Bean bag Chair, little couch

Kinetic sand

Light table

Outdoor toy bin