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Every year, many Calgary families must face the Christmas season scared, sad and stressed. Made by Momma has always supported mothers/families who are going through the pressure of a serious illness, post-partum depression, sick children, the death of a spouse or other form of crisis. This year, so many families are also facing the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic; whether that be a new health crisis, the loss of employment or unexpected financial distress. With your support, these families can receive a little extra-special help this holiday season, through one of our holiday programs.

* By purchasing your own Gift Cards, we will receive a small percentage of your purchase donated back to us, to use towards our essential programs.

* We are also in need of grocery, gas and other gift cards (Toys-R-Us, Winners, Indigo, Walmart, Superstore, Old Navy, and Children’s Place etc) to give to families in need and/or to purchase needed supplies for our 7 core programs. Gift Card donations can be ordered online, and shipped directly to us!

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Thank you for considering support Made by Momma through the FundScrip Gift Card Fundraising Program!

Made by Momma
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